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Do It Online is a collection of free online web tools

Age Calculator

Calculate age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) calculator

Calculate the annual interest earned on an investment

Appliance Energy Cost calculator

Calculate energy cost for an appliance given its watts

Base64 Encode / Decode

Encode or decode text in Base64

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator

Calculate the Body Mass Index given height and weight

Compound Interest calculator

Calculate the compound interest earned on an investment

Cricket Net Run Rate calculator

Calculate Cricket Net Run Rate given runs and overs

Earth Opposite Point

Find the opposite point of any location on Earth

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) calculator

Calculate EMI using Flat rate or Reducing Balance method

Favicon generator

Upload an image and generate all favicon files

Fractions calculator

Calculate the result given an operation between fractions

Image WEBP to JPG converter

Convert a WEBP image to JPG format

Image format converter

Convert an image to any format

Lorem Ipsum generator

Generate lorem ipsum (placeholder text) sentences and paragraphs of custom length


Use your camera and your screen as a mirror

Mirror text / character

Convert a text with the mirror representation of each character

My IP Address

Get details about your IP address

New line to BR

Replace every new line character with a html br tag

New line to Paragraph

Enclose new line separated text in a html p tag

One Rep Max (1RM) calculator

Calculate the maximum weight that can be lifted once

PDF pages to Images

Convert every page of a PDF to an image

Password Generator

Generate a random password with case, numbers and symbols conditions

RAW Heightmap to PNG converter

Convert an heightmap .raw file to PNG

Reflexes Test

Test your reflexes and calculate your response time

Return on Investment (ROI) calculator

Calculate the return on a investment after an amount of time

Rich text to HTML

Transform rich text to html tags

Salary to Hourly calculator

Calculate your hourly pay given monthly or annual salary

Square footage calculator

Calculate square footage given width and length

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) calculator

Calculate the returns of your investment plan

Tip Calculator

Calculate tip total and amount per person

To Uppercase / Lowercase

Transform text case to uppercase or lowercase

URL Encode / Decode

Replace characters in a string to a URL friendly version

Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader

Download Thumbnail of a video hosted on Vimeo

Webcam Test

Test if your webcam is working on this browser

Words and Characters counter

Calculate the number of words and characters in a piece of text

Zodiac Sign calculator

Calculate the zodiac sign of a date